Vision – mission – VALUES

Our vision is …

…to democratize access to world class venture capital and climate investment funds

Our mission is…

…by 2028 to have created the preferred Nordic investment platform for responsible first class venture capital and climate impact funds enabling non-institutional investors to obtain attractive risk/returns through superior selection and diversification. 



Purpose driven
In addition to seeking attractive risk/ returns we follow the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and look for impact, technical and/or environmental

We ask ourselves, not only if a given decision or action can be explained and thereby defended, but whether it would also be acceptable to ourselves

We seek to describe all material investment assumptions and terms and ensure a reporting as concise, true and fair as possible

Alignment of interests
We ensure that our interests are aligned with that of our investors, not least by investing ourselves and not charging up-front fees

Striving for excellency in investment selection and management
It is our constant care to ensure that our funds are in the 1st Quartile of peer funds. This we seek through superior selection processes and diversification. In addition, as an AIFM, we will comply with rigid compliance standards, i.a. by having an independant depositary