Investing in Y Combinator Startups
In an exclusive collaboration with Rebel, Nordic Bloom offers participation in the US SEED FUND II A/S, which exclusively invests in startups from Y Combinator, arguably the world’s most successful incubator and seed network, with unique alumni access granted by Rebel. The partner team at Rebel has a track record of successful startups and exits. Rebel selects a small percentage of Y Combinator’s batches through their AI model and in-depth personal interviews, positioning Rebel among the top 1% performing venture funds in the USA.

Co-Investment and Follow-On Strategy
The Danish fund will invest 85% of its funds directly into Rebel Fund II and the remaining 15% in co-investments and follow-on investments in companies that are already in Rebel but lack funding for later rounds. By investing up to 15% in more mature companies that have already achieved results, there is theoretically an overall risk reduction without a corresponding reduction in potential upside!

Timing is crucial, and we believe the next 3 years offer favorable investment opportunities due to the downward valuation of growth companies, partly influenced by higher interest rates, among other factors.

Attractive Liquidity, Exit Horizon, etc.
Expected contributions spread over the first 4 years, followed by annual positive liquidity in the remaining period until a total expected return of at least 3x is achieved. The exit horizon is, therefore, set at (10+1) years. For more information on return objectives, please refer to our dedicated section.