Søren Holst, VC, director Kolind A/S

The funds managed by Nordic Bloom has given me a unique opportunity to invest through some of the most ‘well-connected’ venture funds in Silicon Valley and Boston. Historically, these funds have given above-normal returns – but have been completely out of reach for Danish investors. The fund I invested in, follows this pattern and shows a very solid return. In addition, the administration has been super serviceminded.

Annette Carina Thomsen, investor, board member

I have invested in a secondaries fund managed by Nordic Bloom, US Secondaries  Fund A/S. I had been looking for alternative investment opportunities with a manageable time horizon and attractive returns, so here was a match. The communication was professional, there was transparency about possible gains and, not least, possible risks. I have only had positive experiences with the administration and through my board position in US Secondaries  Fund A/S I have also had the opportunity to see “behind the scene” and have thereby experienced a positive and very competent collaboration with director Søren Truelsen. It is my hope that in the future we can seek more female investors who, like me, want to diversify their investments.

Henrik Deleuran Müller, investor and entrepreneur

For the past 10 years or so, I have – through US Venture Invest A/S – been an investor in all of the venture funds brokered and managed by Nordic Bloom. I have appreciated the “wholesale” access to Silicon Valley based venture funds, which are among the world’s best. I have been extremely satisfied with both the returns and not least diversification, which is particularly important in times of crisis like these. Last but not least, I appreciate that the team around Nordic Bloom are also decent people.