Our venture funds are characterized by a focus on technology, extreme selection, risk diversification, and wholesale terms as a means to achieve strong returns. This focus can be further elaborated as follows:

  • Rapid Technological Advancement: The pace of technological development and adoption of new technological applications continues to accelerate, particularly in areas like IT, healthcare, and the environment.
  • Extreme Selection: We achieve extreme selection by gaining access to invest in approximately 15 of Silicon Valley’s top venture funds, which are typically “By Invitation Only.” These funds annually screen thousands of early-stage tech and life science companies, selecting only a few.
  • Risk Diversification: Risk diversification is achieved through our “primary” funds, which typically invest in around 1,000-1,500 companies over a 5-year period, spreading risk across a broad portfolio.
  • Wholesale Terms: We obtain wholesale terms by not charging subscription fees and often securing discounts through larger investments.

While historical returns are no guarantee of future returns, they still serve as a valuable indicator, especially when observed over many years.

Selection proces


The diagram illustrates the selection process in 2020 for one of our premium venture fund partners.

As depicted, the selection process starts by filtering through several thousand potential portfolio company investments, ultimately leading to only a few actual investments. This extreme selection process, combined with extensive diversification, significantly enhances the probability of long-term success.


Our 3-step process ensures that the decision is well-considered and informed.

Selection proces


Søren Holst

VC, director Kolind A/S
The venture fund has provided me with a unique opportunity to invest through some of the most well-connected venture funds in Silicon Valley and Boston. Historically, these funds have delivered above-average returns but have been completely out of reach for Danish investors. The fund I invested in follows this pattern and has shown a very solid return. Furthermore, the administration has been super service-oriented whenever I needed information.

Annette Carina Thomsen

I have invested through Nordic Bloom. The Secondaries venture fund, US Secondaries Fund A/S, appealed to me as I had been looking for an alternative investment opportunity with a clear time horizon and attractive returns, and here was a match. The communication was professional, there was transparency about potential gains, and, not least, possible risks. I have only positive experiences with the administration, and through my board position at US Secondaries Fund A/S, I have also had the opportunity to see ‘behind the scenes’ and have experienced a positive and highly competent collaboration with Director Søren Truelsen. It is my hope that in the future, we can attract more female investors who, like me, want to diversify their investments into a venture fund.

Henrik Deleuran Müller

Investor and entrepreneur
For the past approximately 10 years, I have been an investor in all the venture funds that Nordic Bloom has to date facilitated and managed. I have emphasized the ‘wholesale-based’ access to Silicon Valley-based venture funds, which are among the world’s best and are usually ‘By Invitation Only.’ I have been extremely satisfied with both the returns and, not least, the risk diversification, which is especially important in times like these. Last but not least, I appreciate that the team at Nordic Bloom and Knightsbridge are also genuine and honest people.