1.1 These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to any marketing and management Nordic Bloom Funds A/S provides a potential or existing investor. The terms and conditions also apply to any investment made by an investor through Nordic Bloom Funds A/S, including investments in any fund offered and/or managed by Nordic Bloom.


2.1 Although Nordic Bloom Funds A/S’ goal is solely to offer and manage funds and other investment products that generate profit for investors, all investments carry a risk of potential loss. Nordic Bloom Funds A/S disclaims any responsibility for such risk of potential loss, which is the sole responsibility of the investor.

2.2 Although Nordic Bloom Funds A/S has assessed and disclosed the tax status of – and the tax consequences for the investors of – an investment made through Nordic Bloom Funds A/S, including in funds offered and managed by Nordic Bloom Funds A/S, Nordic Bloom Funds A/S assumes no responsibility for investor’s tax position and any tax consequences for the investor. Consequently, any investor’s tax position and tax consequences are the sole responsibility and risk of the investor.


3.1 The professional liability of Nordic Bloom Funds Funds A/S, its individual board members, management, and employees is for any event limited to DKK 1,000,000.

3.2 This applies regardless of whether such claims are sought against Nordic Bloom Funds A/S, board members, management, and/or individual employees collectively or separately and regardless of whether such claim is based on liability for damages in or outside of contract or any other basis.


4.1 The legal relationship between potential and existing investors and Nordic Bloom Funds A/S and/or its board members, management or employees is subject to Danish law.

4.2 Any dispute between on the one hand, a potential or existing investor and, on the other hand, Nordic Bloom Funds A/S, its board members, management or employees must be resolved using the following conflict resolution steps.

4.2.1 Attempts must be made to resolve the dispute by negotiation between a management representative for Nordic Bloom Funds A/S and the investor respectively. Such negotiations must be conducted in good faith from both sides.

4.2.2 If such negotiations does not lead to any resolution, the dispute must be resolved by mediation with the assistance of a mediator appointed by Danske Advokater, unless the parties can agree on the mutual appointment of the mediator.

4.2.3 If such mediation effort still does not lead to any resolution, the dispute must be settled by the ordinary Danish courts in Copenhagen