Since 2004, the team behind Nordic Bloom, initiated by Christian Stig Møller and Søren Truelsen, has structured and managed alternative investment projects totaling more than USD 1 billion.

In the venture capital arena, Nordic Bloom, under the initiative of Torben Mauritzen and Søren Truelsen, originated from an investment company formed in 2014. To date, this entity has invested in a total of 4 venture capital funds and achieved more than a tripling of the initial capital commitments.

Today, there are five additional investment companies established, each dedicated to investing in five separate funds, with a total of approximately DKK 320 million in commitments from nearly 100 Danish investors, both private and professional.

We have reached this point by partnering with top-tier American venture capital funds/products characterized by rigorous selection and corresponding risk diversification among “First Quartile” funds. These are venture capital funds/products that we are proud to have exclusive access to in the Nordic countries.

Nordic Bloom is a partner-driven and owned authorized Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM with FTid 23315) with the ability to market its funds throughout the entire EU/EEA.


At Nordic Bloom, you become a part of an investment network that, since its inception in 2014, has actively invested in its own funds. Through its cost structure, this network shares a strong common interest with its investors.

Based on prevailing mega-trends in sustainable technological innovation and accelerating adoption rates of new technology and alternative energy, this network continually seeks attractive alternative investments. These investments are chosen with a focus on extreme selection and effective diversification to ensure an attractive risk-adjusted net return.

In English, there’s a saying: “the proof of the pudding is in the eating,” and Nordic Bloom’s fund performance speaks for itself.

Furthermore, as an authorized manager, Nordic Bloom adheres to a comprehensive set of policies and procedures related to good governance and is under the supervision of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.


…By 2028, to have established the preferred Nordic investment platform for responsible venture and climate funds, enabling investors to achieve attractive risk/return profiles through superior selection and diversification.


Driven by purpose

In addition to seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns, we adhere to the principles of responsible investing (PRI) and actively seek “impact,” whether it be technological and/or environmental.


We not only ask whether a particular decision or action can be explained and therefore justified, but also whether it would be acceptable to ourselves.


We aim to describe all significant investment assumptions and conditions and ensure reporting that is as concise, truthful, and fair as possible.

Alignment of interests

We ensure that our interests align with those of our investors, particularly by investing ourselves and not charging subscription fees.

Expertise in investment selection and management

We will diligently strive to ensure that our funds are in the 1st quartile compared to peer funds. We pursue this through rigorous selection and diversification. Furthermore, as an authorized AIFM, we adhere to extensive compliance standards, including having an independent depositary.


The green transition is becoming the most significant investment area of our generation, and we feel a strong commitment to participate in it. Therefore, we are working, in collaboration with selected partners, to be able to offer customers in our “investment network” both green energy investments and special projects in private equity/venture in the near future.



Henrik Hvidtfeldt

Chairman of the board 


Lars Tønnesen

Member of the board


Steen Blaafalk

Member of the board



Søren Truelsen

Managing Partner 

Responsible for strategy, investments, and KYC/AML


Christian Stig Møller

Partner, Head of Clients

Responsible for sales and customer relations


Torben Mauritzen

Partner, Head of Compliance & Risk

Responsible for compliance and risk management 


Peter Maigaard

Chief Financial Officer

Muskaan Asif

Executive assistant

Mads Stensgaard Mørch

Assistant to Head of Clients

Victor Norrman

Assistant to Head of Clients